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A community of like minded individuals who push each other to succeed and become a better version of themselves.

The coaches are wonderful – I feel they truly care about my performance and push me to do better. They are constantly watching for proper posture while keeping a high level of motivation. I cannot thank them enough! They are the heart and soul of the gym.
- Judy DaRocha

Aside from physical changes, I have gained a great amount of confidence. I feel confident in coming to the gym and working out alongside other members and I feel confident in my own abilities. I know I am always a work in progress but seeing physical changes and being able to lift heavier weights makes me excited to see what the future holds.
- Alexis Arnow

Since joining Ionic CrossFit I’ve lost 25+ pounds and clothes I thought I would never fit into again, now fit me! I also see more muscle tone in my body. The workouts never bore me because they are always different.
- Mike Quinn

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