Chris Godfrey, Owner

 - CrossFit Level 1

Donnie Keller, Owner/Head Coach

 - CrossFit Level 1

- USAWeightlifting Level 2

Donnie Keller was born and raised in Bonita Springs Florida. Growing up Donnie played soccer year round for The Florida Premier soccer club. He also played on the Florida 3v3 soccer team. He was very active in sports all through life until he hurt his knee in high school. Donnie went to FGCU and picked up Intramural sports. Soon after college his good friend Madison introduced him to crossfit as a way to stay in shape and be competitive. From the first day he said, "I was hooked." That was back in February, 2013. Since then Donnie has competed in multiple crossfit competitions at the scaled level, taking 1st in two of them. And several competitions at the Rx level. He attained his crossfit level 1 certification in October of 2014 and attained a USAW level 2 certification in March of 2017. He is the only USAWeightlifting Coach to have his Level 2 in the Southwest Florida area. He also has competed in multiple Olympic lifting competitions and won 2 of them for his weight class. Donnie is very passionate about motivating others and helping them grow not just as crossfit athletes but as people, too.



 Andy Plasman

- Crossfit Level 1 

Andy Plasman was born and raised in sunny Fort Myers and is a true native to Southwest Florida. Growing up, Andy was not incredibly interested in sports but always enjoyed playing with friends outside and being active. Getting into shape in High School changed his outlook on fitness and it pushed him into Jiu-Jitsu and eventually into Crossfit. He immediately loved the classes and atmosphere of the Crossfit Community. Quickly finding out that the satisfaction of self improvement and drive of competition spurred the greatest results, he decided to head to Orlando to pass his Level 1 Crossfit Certification in March of 2014 in order to help others achieve the same results. The enjoyment of watching his athletes succeed at their goals is the best motivation Andy could ask for and his defining reason for loving what he does. Andy has been a cornerstone of our gym and coaches all our morning classes.

Lynsey Hathcock

- CrossFit Level 1 

Lynsey Hathcock grew up in Atlanta, Georgia playing traveling and high school soccer. During her freshman year at Clemson she suffered an ankle injury during a sorority soccer game that ended her soccer career. She quickly found herself uninspired and lacking motivation for fitness all together. 

After graduating from Clemson, Lynsey attended grad school at Wake Forest University where she turned to running as a way to deal with new found stress. She completed a number of half marathons and the Chicago Marathon in 2013. In February 2013, Lynsey attended her first CrossFit class as a way to improve her running and has been hooked ever since! 

In April 2014, Lynsey obtained her Level 1 in an effort to get more involved in the community. Since then she has re-located from Chicago to Bonita Springs and found Ionic Crossfit. When she is not busy with her job as a management consultant, she spends the majority of her time working out with, coaching, and cheering on Ionic members. 

Madison Sharp

- Crossfit Level 1

- Bodyweight Ninja

My name is Madison Sharp and I am a Soutwest Florida native. It has always been in my blood to help others and spread the awareness of what fitness and health is all about. Over 5 years ago i was introduced to a new avenue of fitness. But not just fitness. This was something different. This was a community of individuals at all different fitness levels working together in one big room all at the same time. This was CrossFit and I was hooked. After my first introductory class I knew this was for me. I wanted to leanr as much as i could and I knew that one day I would be a coach. So I went on my CrossFit journey with support from everyone I met at the gym and I quickly realized how much CrossFit was improving my overall outlook on life and how it directly improved my balance, coordination, speed, agility, strength, stamina and attitude. With five competitions completed and standing on the podium for three of them i feel confident in my abilited and how i can improve yours. My goal is to continue my journey as an athlete and a coach and share my passion for CrossFit with as many people as possible. 

Sarah Plocharczyk

- CrossFit Level 1

- Bootcamp Guru

- Personal trainer

- Weightloss Specialist

I was born in Jacksonville Fl, and grew up in Naples Florida, so some consider me as a native. Growing up I was always active, from playing pretty much every sport across the board, from hockey to cheerleading. I was introduced to bootcamp style training back in 2011, and I've been doing it ever since! I've found an addiction in constantly challenging myself, mentally and physically, in my training. I am a certified personal trainer, bootcamp instructor and aspiring Crossfit coach. Ive found my PASSION in helping others through fitness. It's super fulfilling to me to be able to help those around me. Whether it's to become stronger, to over come insecurities,
or just simply to look good & feel good, I strive to help others achieve those goals. I've met some incredible people throughout my years of training, who have positively impacted my life, I aspire to be that positive person for my clients.